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ddr4s / fw @ 36:7a83b5670a4b

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36:7a83b5670a4b 19/04/2019 08:43 Ilya Tsemenko

Gskill SPD mod

34:73eea39aa455 19/04/2019 02:42 Ilya Tsemenko

Revert to rev32

33:b7afbd3944f6 19/04/2019 02:39 Ilya Tsemenko

remove old WiringPi

32:cadb9025f1e0 19/04/2019 02:36 tin

updated wiringPi for Pi3 and added gskill 8g udimm dump

31:5e4ffd2cc614 13/05/2015 10:22 Sophia_Pi

Test commit

30:d638123d3b79 26/11/2014 14:12 Ilya Tsemenko


28:c460f152b26f 07/11/2014 14:17 tin

Added wiringPiI2CReadWord(addr,i) function with swapped nibbles for 16-bit read

27:e99bc67cff2f 05/11/2014 16:49 tin

Corrected module frequency calculations, now shows actual clock data

24:af1248d2d406 05/09/2014 18:44 tin

Added SPD dumps and updated spd_prog

22:a12535d144a0 24/06/2014 01:37 tin

Adding DDR3 support for calc tool ID #1111 @8h

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